Monday, September 7, 2015

Human vs. Computer Go Competitions in Taiwan

I was in Taiwan last week to visit researchers and participate in the IEEE CIG conference. One of the events was a man-machine competition. The human side was represented by three professionals and three high dan amateurs. The professionals were Chou Chun-Hsun 9p, Chang Kai-Hsin 5p and Yu Li-Chun 1p. The three programs were Zen and Aya from Japan and a new Taiwanese program, CGI. CGI stands for "CGI Go Intelligence", and CGI is also the name of Prof. I-Chen Wu's research group. Each program played a total of four games, one against an amateur and one against each of the pro's. The handicaps against the professionals were fixed at 4 for Zen, 5 for Aya, and 6 for CGI. Against the amateurs, Zen played on even while the other programs took 2 stones. Aya was most successful, winning 3 games and losing only against Yu 1p. (However, that game was a massacre...) Zen and CGI won one game each.

CIG conference
Human vs Computer event
Results in detail
KGS game records under accounts cigzen, cigaya and cigcgi.