Saturday, March 16, 2013

6th UEC Cup Day 1

Yesterday and today is the Sixth UEC Cup Computer Go competition. Fuego won the 4th cup in 2011 - see earlier posts. This year, we are testing out a brand-new massively parallel version of Fuego called MP-Fuego prototype.
Yesterday, in the preliminaries, we were plagued by technical problems and ended up playing the tournament games on a "normal" 16-core machine. We got paired against the top three programs and ended up with 4 wins, 3 losses. Enough for 8th place and a place in the final knockout tournament today. Fuego had a chance against Aya but refused to make its second eye for a big group.

Results highlights for the first day:
1. Zen 7 wins
2. Crazy Stone 6 wins 1 loss
3. Aya 6 wins
4. Many Faces of Go 5 wins
5. Pachi 5 wins
6. Nomitan 4 wins
7. RGO 4 wins
8. MP-Fuego 4 wins
9. PerStone 4 wins
10. blast 4 wins
11. MC_ark 3 wins
12. Izanami 3 wins
13. ballade 3 wins
14. caren 3 wins
15. unyugo 3 wins
16. GOGATAKI 3 wins

The pairings for today are 1 vs 16, 2 vs 15 etc. So Fuego (8th) gets to play PerStone (9th), and if it wins it will most likely encounter Zen in round 2.

Thanks to Kazuki Yoshizoe's great efforts and lots of support from Westgrid and AICT engineers Jon Johansson, Kamil Marcinkowski, Terry McGuire and Masao Fujinaga back in Canada, MP-Fuego finally played its first game last night and beat a copy of Fuego running on the 16-core machine. Keep your fingers crossed for today!

Westgrid site with news announcement


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