Friday, March 14, 2014

Rounds 3 and 4

Round 3:
In the only game between two unbeaten programs, Zen defeats Hirabot. The other programs with two wins all win again. MP-Fuego gives its opponent milago lots of territory in the corners and on the sides, and goes for a huge center. Eventually, most of the center turns into solid territory, and MP-Fuego gets its second win.

Round 4:
Crazy Stone - Nomitan and Aya - Zen are the top boards. Nomitan captures Crazy Stones stones in the first corner, but soon Crazy Stone gets a big moyo (framework of potential territory), and Nomitan does not do enough to reduce it. Nomitan resigns. Meanwhile, MP-Fuego is paired against Katsunari. Katsunari is the last non-Monte Carlo program, and is very territory-oriented. In 2011, Fuego lost in the first knockout round against Katsunari, because it did not understand Japanese rules and filled its own territory in the end. Much like in the previous game, Fuego gets the huge potential center in return. These games make me much too nervous! Eventually, one of two weak Katsunari groups dies. Fuego proceeds to play ultra-safe, and gives away lots of points in the endgame. Still it ends up with a relatively comfortable 9.5 point win.

A crowd of people including 9 Dan professional O Meien is watching the Aya - Zen game. Aya has Zen in some trouble, but it messes up its shinogi (making life for a weak group) and a big group dies.

Round 5 coming up:
Nomitan - Zen
Aya - Crazy Stone
MP-Fuego will be black against Mayo Igo

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