Saturday, March 15, 2014

Some games from Day 1; preview of day 2

Just getting ready for the final day. I put a selection of some games from the first day on my web pages. The weather in Chofu is bright and sunny. It is Sunday morning and the streets are very quiet. The games will start at 10am, about 80 minutes from now. Michael Redmond, professional 9 Dan, will do game commentaries. For the second day, the tournament site is rearranged to have the computer desks all on one side, and the other side will have a projector showing a selection of games in progress, a big demo board for the professional, and rows of seats for the spectators.

I brought my camera but unfortunately I forgot the little card reader so I cannot upload the pictures. I will see if I can borrow or buy one today.

Today will be just four rounds, knockout style. However, all programs will play all rounds, and all places from 1-16 will be determined. The first game decides whether a program is in places 1-8 or 9-16, and so on.

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