Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rounds 5 and 6

Round 5:
Zen beat Nomitan, Crazy Stone beat Aya. Zen and Crazy Stone lead with 5:0 and will play next round. MP-Fuego beats Mayo Igo and has 4 wins, and 1 loss from the default in round 1. Hirabot beats Katsunari and is also on 4:1. Aya, Nomitan, storm and LeafQuest have 3 wins 2 losses.

Round 6:
Crazy Stone beats Zen and is alone at 6:0. MP-Fuego beats Nomitan in a wild game. Nomitan's lab has their planned electricity shutdown today of all days, so they used a much weaker machine than usual. Aya beat HiraBot.

Crazy Stone 6:0
Zen, MP-Fuego 5:1
Aya, HiraBot, LeafQuest 4:2

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