Friday, March 21, 2014

The game between Yoda and Crazy Stone; news about Lim Jaebum and his program Dol Baram

Remi sent me the game record, and I put it on
(If you see a different or mixed up game record, try reloading the page. Some caching issue.)

Lim Jaebum, the programmer of the strong Korean program Dol Baram, came to visit Densei-sen. He explained what had happened. He actually did originally come to Japan for the UEC cup, but he discovered a serious bug in his program, and he did not manage to fix it in time. So he decided to pull out of the UEC cup, and went back to Korea, where he did find the bug. Finally, he came back to Japan to attend Densei-sen as a spectator. He said that Dol Baram will play in future KGS tournaments.
In the audience: Hiroshi Yamashita (Aya) and Lim Jaebum (Dol Baram)

In the audience: Shinichi Sei (Katsunari)

On stage: Shimosaka Miori 2 Dan pro, Hideki Kato (Zen) and Remi Coulom (Crazy Stone)

Three senseis watching: Muramatsu, Nakayama and Matsubara

Remi gets his diploma for beating Yoda from Prof. Ito...

...and Yoda gets his diploma for beating Zen.


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